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Audio Editor

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audio editor
The App

Core Engine

Desktop grade editing experience

Support up to 16 audio tracks with Copy, Cut, Paste, Split, Trim, Replace, Duplicate command;

Support to adjust Gain, Pan and Mute of each track;


More than 20 audio effects: Amplify, Vocal Separator, Bass Boost, 10 Bands Equalizer, Change Pitch, Change Tempo, Normalize, De-essing, PaulStrech, Fade In, Fade Out, Phaser, Compressor, Repeat, Reverse, Denoise...

All of the above operation, support unlimited undo and redo.



Various tools for audio production, in one place.

Audio Editor

16 Tracks professional audio editor, 20+ audio effects, lossless output format and intuitive waveform with smooth zoom support.

AI Vocal Remover

The separation of human voice and accompaniment based on machine learning, can also be used as voice recording noise reducer.

Recording Studio

High-fidelity audio recording, can play and record at the same time and In-Ear Monitor. Support external microphone, Limiter(anti-pop) and Reverb input filter.

Music Studio
in Your Pocket


More than 20 Audio Effects

Audio Effect is the most popular feature for our users, so...we have added more than 20 Audio Effects now, and will continue to add.

Most importantly, all audio effects can be apply to any part of track, not the entire track.

amplify, equalizer, denoise, de-essing, bass boost, paulstretch
audio recorder & vocal tuner


Recording on the go

Recording Studio supports external microphones, recording while playing and low latency in-ear monitor.

For example, You can record guitar playing while playing drums(recommended to wear headphones), can also choose to mix the drum sound in the final recorded file, or just record the sound picked up from the microphone.

About Us

Tribute to Audacity

A dream started in 2014

The predecessor of SoundLab was a garage startup project. The original goal was to allow users to edit audio on the iPhone like using Audacity. In 2014, the core functions were all ready, but limited by the performance of the mobile device at that time, the project was shelved.

The time has come to 2020. After re-polishing the core editing engine and adding peripheral auxiliary functions, SoundLab Audio Editor is released. Through continuous improvement based on user feedback, SoundLab is getting closer and closer to its original goal.



Probably the Best Free Audio Editor for IOS 
So far really enjoying it for what I’m doing. It’s really simple to use and it doesn’t make you pay for anything that should be free, unlike most apps. I’ve really enjoyed messing around with it, and yes, it does bass-boost. 

Um..Idk a person

Too Much Fun! 
I am an old school Audacity user/fan who casually edits music for my own personal use. It’s more of a hobby. Quite by chance I discovered this app. Wow! I had to purchase it! I’m amazed at how intuitive and easy it is to use. However…the AI…being able to separate vocal and instrument tracks so seamlessly is a marvel to behold. Thanks developers!

La Stugots

same with Audacity 
Basically the same thing as Audacity, but mobile. It’s really great for on-the-go audio editing and I’m very happy with it. 


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