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Import music from Youtube

Updated: May 10

This article introduces a completely free method of import music from YouTube into SoundLab for editing.


Step 1:

Share video link from Youtube

Share video link from Youtube


Step 2:

Open in Safari, and paste Youtube link.

paste Youtube link in


Step 3:

Generate download link.

This step may sometimes trigger a pop-up advertisement page, which you can close to return to the y2mate page. However, if you have time, you can also watch the advertisement to support y2mate.

generate download link


Step 4:

Download file

The key to this step is learning how to access Safari's download manager, which is actually quite simple: just click on the small icon at the far left of the address bar.

download file


Step 5:

Import file to SoundLab

import file to SoundLab

Download on the AppStore

Full video

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