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Upgrade to v2.7.15: Say Goodbye to Project Saving Issues

In v2.7.15, We fixed a critical issue that could be related to some newly created projects not being saved if you did this:

1 Create a new project and do some editing operations, and then the program exits because of answering a phone call or other reasons

2 When the program starts again, the App will prompt you to choose to restore items from the backup file

3 You choose to restore the project and continue editing. At this time, if you delete all the original Tracks, then re-add new Tracks, and continue editing.

When you finish editing and save the project, the project fails to save and is lost.

This operation process has not been covered during our QA testing, but we estimate that it is likely to happen when users actually use it. We believe that the vast majority of newly created project save failures are caused by this issue. Thankfully, during some collective manual testing last week, we reproduced the issue and immediately fixed it in v2.7.15.

Regarding the problem of being unable to save when opening an existing project for editing, our analysis found that most cases are caused by running out of disk space. Therefore, in the v2.7.15 update, we have also added disk free space monitoring. If your disk If the space is below the critical value(4GB), the disk usage progress bar at the bottom of the screen will display a red prompt.


After these two issues are fixed, we believe that most of the lost project issues will be resolved. I'm deeply sorry that this issue took so long to be fixed, and I can understand the pain of having your creativity completely lost after so much patient and careful work. Hopefully this fix isn't too late.

As a professional audio editor, we regard the stability and reliability of functions as our lifeline. However, because the functions are indeed very complex, some corner cases are difficult to discover and reproduce in advance in the QA test environment. We promise that as long as we can reproduce the problem, we will fix it as soon as possible.

We have set up dedicated monitoring and assurance resources for project opening and saving related issues, and will continue to track any failure reports for project saving.

Thank you for your support and wish you a happy use!

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